Are you suffering from...


Low Energy

Fluctuating Weight


Crushing Overwhelm?


Guess what, so did I!


I'm Jenn! I'm a nutritionist for the whole family! I help exhausted mommas recharge their batteries and regain control of their health so they can feel like themselves again!


Feel Good In Your Body Again!


If you’re like I was, you may think that exhaustion and excess weight are totally normal.

And we’ve been told that weight gain, low energy, and being overwhelmed are just a normal part of “being a mom.”


While this is pretty common, that doesn't mean that it's healthy or that you're powerless against it. 


What happens when we shift and reframe these problems into flashing warning signs that the body creates to let us know that something is out of balance or that our health is in danger?  Just like warning lights on the dashboard of your car, symptoms are your body’s way of letting you know that something needs attention.


Left untended, any one of those symptoms could lead to bigger problems!  Symptoms are an expression of an underlying imbalance or issue; your body is trying to tell you something.  Regardless of the cause, a body that is out of balance is a stressed body… and a stressed body is at greater risk of developing health issues.


Now, unlike a man, whose body remains relatively consistent throughout his life, a woman's body goes through SO many changes! Not just on a yearly basis, but even on a day-to-day basis!


So why would we use "traditional" and male-dominated techniques to support our bodies?


We shouldn't - and I DON'T! My approach to helping you feel energized, lose 10-15 lbs of excess weight, and ditch the crushing overwhelm is centered around you, as a woman, and those fluctuating changes (ahem, these are your hormones, by the way)! 

So let's get you on track to feeling amazing again! Click below to find out your next steps!

a tired mother sleeps on the couch while her toddler crawls all over her

Our job here is not to diagnose or play doctor, our job is to begin to be more mindful of the body so we can make necessary shifts and supports that are needed to bring balance back and restore our good health.  Make sense?