Whole Food, Plant-Based Meal Plan (1 Week)

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A few notes:
  • On the menu, some items are black and some are grey. The black ones mean that you're making the entire meal on that day, but you're only eating 1 serving of it because the rest of it is for the days that are grey (your leftovers)!!!!
#batchcooking makes healthy eating easy!
  • This meal plan is whole-food, plant-based, and sugar-free! If you're not plant-based, feel free to replace the ingredients with ones that you enjoy. This meal plan will help support your sugar withdrawals and keep you feeling nutritionally satisfied so that you are less likely to have cravings.
  • DRINK your water!!! I cannot stress this enough! Plant-based diets contain a lot of fiber. In fact, this meal plan has anywhere from 128% to 284% of your minimum fiber requirements! Drinking water will help avoid your digestive system slowing down.
And P.S. high fiber is going to contribute to removing toxins more efficiently from your body = slimmer physique!
  • This meal plan is based on ONE person. If you have more people in your family, just scale the numbers accordingly!
  • Page 3 has your shopping list! Be sure to check your pantry, fridge, and freezer before you go out shopping!
Want to swap out an ingredient and don't know how?
Schedule a call with me to talk about it!

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Awesome! Enjoy your delicious meals this week!

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