If you're anything like me, you like to do things your own way! You want to be told what needs to get done, but then do it yourself. That's okay! I've got you! If you're looking for some guidance and meal planning, but really don't need the accountability, coaching, and support, then you'll love this 60-minute health strategy session!

Prior to our appointment, I'll have you complete your intake paperwork and a few questionnaires.  Overall, this will take you about 30-40 minutes. After you submit it, I'll review it all, and create you a lifestyle health care plan and meal plan to help you address your main health concerns, set you up with your action steps, and get you on the right path!


In addition to this, I'll also include 3 additional recipe books that are aligned with your primary and secondary goals so you have a plethora of recipes to keep you going for long enough to see some substantial results! 

During our 60-minute session, we'll go through the care plan together, cover some light education topics, and dive into the meal plan and recipe books so you can be ready to take on your health!

Grab your session below and the system will walk you through the entire process! See you soon!

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