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Developing a Positive Mindset for Self-Care 

Self-care is vital to healthy living on many levels, but unfortunately many of us today have been conditioned to believe that putting ourselves first is selfish. So in today’s video, which you can watch by clicking below (or just continue reading), I am sharing the 3 tips for developing a positive mindset for our self-care.

Hi, Iʼm Jenn J - I’m a women’s hormone health coach and family nutritionist. My practice is built on empowering women living with uncomfortable and debilitating hormonal symptoms like painful periods, mood swings, PMS, weight issues, and low energy to reclaim their lives and put their period problems to rest while helping the whole family eat healthier!


Self-care is vital to healthy living on many levels. It helps us to become the optimum version of ourselves. Our actions and attitudes are core components of self-care, and having the right mental outlook is a key to regulating wellness. 


Developing a positive mindset for self-care requires commitment and work. It’s not a one-stop shop or an overnight success. It’s a series of micro-commitments to our lifestyle and to ourselves. And the rewards are well worth the effort!


One of the first things we have to do is:


Realize that Self-Care is a Right and a Responsibility

Most of us today – and ESPECIALLY us moms – have been conditioned to believe that putting themselves first is selfish. Perhaps you have heard the term "buyer's remorse." This happens when someone experiences guilt after making a purchase for themselves. It is a sad reality that many of us moms have buyer's remorse when it comes to investing in our own self-care.


I remember when I was a young mom, I put myself last all of the time. It was normal for me. And what it ended up doing caused a lot of anxiety for me and caused me to project my trauma responses on my daughter, and my insecurities onto my husband, and really devalued my self-worth.

What I learned, and what I teach in my hormone health reset program is that the right mindset accepts that self-care is a right, not a privilege. You are worthy of the time and effort it takes to create fulfillment. You have the right to be mentally and physically well. No one is entitled to diminish your need for self-care.

Furthermore, personal wellness is a responsibility. A good mindset means accepting responsibility for the path of your life. It is all too common today for people to lay blame when it comes to their own challenges. Taking responsibility empowers you. There is a great comfort that comes from knowing you are in control.

So how do we do this?

Well, we Create a New Mental Narrative

We spend our whole lives telling ourselves a mental story. That story frames how we perceive the world and our reactions to life's twists and turns. In fact, our thoughts become our words, which become our actions and produce our results.  So if we want to change the results, it all starts with the thoughts and stories we tell ourselves! 

Close your eyes for just a second and listen to the story your mind is telling. Is it filled with empowering phrases and images, or is it polluted by a negative outlook?

You must learn how to rewrite the mental script that is often on autoplay. A great way to do this can be to simply slow the endless procession of thoughts and noise. Meditation is a great way to quiet the mind and refocus on positive thoughts. Journaling, I am statements, visualization, and even vision boards can also be helpful! All of this, too, takes effort, but in time the flow and substance of your own mental narrative can change for the better.

Next, you’ll really want to Stop Consuming Mental Junk Food

We live in the era of social media. In fact, you’re probably watching this video on one of my own social media platforms!

These platforms can be useful for communicating with distant friends and relatives or even finding a story to lift your spirits, hopefully even the ones I share with you. 

Unfortunately, they can also be toxic. There is far too much junk food for the brain on social media.

Your brain is a body organ that requires sustenance and nutrition just like your heart or lungs. It needs to be fed the good stuff. That hour you spend perusing a news feed that is filled with controversy, self-pitying posts, and mind-numbing videos would be better spent doing yoga or reading a book on the subject of wellness. 

Allow yourself to detach from social media and observe the results. Or, purge your social media by unfollowing the people and accounts that don’t serve you. 

Our minds can sometimes be unruly and must be disciplined. It must also be exercised just like the body is conditioned. In the beginning, the work will be hard, but with each passing day, you'll find that your mindset is working on your behalf to promote self-care.

So whenever some of that guilt or shame kicks in the next time you’re enjoying time to yourself, or when the anxiety gets too much to handle, remember that self-care is a right, not a privilege, and start rewriting that internal dialogue that allows you to feel like you aren’t enough and then fuel your mind with uplifting content!


If you found this to be helpful and uplifting for you, be sure to share it! Thank you so much!


And remember to keep living healthy, one bite at a time! Bye!