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5 Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Natural Beauty

Growing up, I suffered horribly from acne breakouts.  It was constant, and no matter what birth control pill I took, or medicated cream I applied, it never cleared up.  And it wasn't just spots like a normal teenager.  It was deep, painful cysts that would scar and leave my skin pock-marked.  I spent a lot of money on makeup products to help hide my blemishes so that my skin looked less red, more uniform, and glowy.


At the time, I really didn't have a good skin-care routine, I was a teenager and in my early twenties, so we could say I was lazy about it.  Of course, even when I did have a routine, it didn't make a big difference, my hormones were so wonky that my acne never cleared up! It wasn't until I adopted a healthier routine and started to balance my hormones and period more naturally that my acne started to clear up!


Don't get me wrong, I still get breakouts, but they're not as painful, not as often, and tend to be more related to a flare-up from a trigger food that snuck its way into my mouth.


Part of my routine includes using coconut oil on my skin to help it stay hydrated and I have found, over the years, so many fun ways to use it in place of the more traditional toxic alternatives that I used to use. Coconut oil is one of the top natural products you can use for your health, as well as your skin and even your hair. When it comes to beauty, you will find that coconut oil is recommended far more than any other product. Here are five of my favourite ways to use coconut oil for natural beauty and as part of my toxin-free lifestyle! In each of these options, make sure you are using organic, virgin, unrefined coconut oil. This is the natural form of coconut oil that will work best for you. Coconut oil can be purchased in a big jar that lasts a lot longer.


1. Remove Your Makeup

The first option you have is to use coconut oil as a makeup remover.  You can apply it to a cotton pad and remove makeup, or put it directly on your skin with your fingers. Rinse away the excess, but don’t worry about leaving it on your skin. As I mentioned, it is a great moisturizer!


2. Deep Condition Your Hair

Coconut oil is also an amazing way to get soft, silky hair. It can be used completely on its own as a hair mask. All you need to do is melt the coconut oil by putting the jar under hot water, grab some in your hands and apply it to your hair. You can put it in damp hair and let it sit just while you shower, then rinse it off, or leave it in for longer by wrapping your hair in a towel. This is completely up to you. For deep conditioning, leave it in for an hour or longer before rinsing.


3. Improve Your Oral Health

If you haven’t tried coconut oil pulling, now is a great time to start. This will clean between your teeth, whiten your teeth, and freshen your breath. You need about a tablespoon of melted coconut oil to do this. Just put the coconut oil in your mouth and pull it between your teeth, swishing it around your mouth. Try to do this for 5-10 minutes about once or twice a day, depending on how long you can do it. You can start with just a couple of minutes at first until you become accustomed to it. I like to add 1 drop of peppermint essential oil to help freshen my breath in the process!


4. Get Softer Skin

Coconut oil is also used to moisturize your skin. You can use it as a body lotion or apply it to your skin before your regular skin lotion. Just be careful not to use too much.  Say goodbye to cuticle oil, ladies, because if you have cuticles that are cracked, go ahead and apply it there and you will notice that your nails look better and manicures last longer!


5. Apply as Under-Eye Cream

Finally, try adding some melted coconut oil to the skin underneath your eyes. It is very soft in this area, so you should only use the gentlest of products. This will help reduce puffiness, help with dark circles, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.