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Losing Weight the Right Way

Needing to lose weight is not something to be ashamed of. The bottom line is if you want to lose weight to become healthy, then you have to lose weight. It does not make you self-centered. By recognizing and acknowledging how much better your body will feel and function at a different weight, you are giving a gift to yourself, your body, and your loved ones.

How You Shed off Unwanted Fats the Most Important Thing

Weight loss can seem complicated and emotional. There are a plethora of fitness and diet programs that manipulate the conversation around weight loss for their own financial benefit. The outlandish promises, the ubiquitous before and after pictures, and the undercurrent of limitations and body scrutiny are just a few of the themes we often connect with weight loss.


Counting calories, weighing your food, or restricting your macronutrients is not a healthy or sustainable way to lose weight.  Yes, you will lose weight, and probably quite rapidly.  But you'll gain it all back and be back to where you started because you failed to address (1) your habits and mindset that caused you to gain weight the first time, and (2) a long-term plan of eating that can support both your health and your weight goals.

This causes a frustrating cycle of constant dieting, restricting, fads, and weight yo-yo'ing. It's not fun or healthy.

Weight loss for health should not be this way, and reaching the right body weight for you should actually be an enjoyable, positive process. 

The secret is to begin some simple changes in the way you think of weight loss, your lifestyle, and your food in general. Here are three mindset changes that can help improve not just the weight loss process, but your perspective on becoming a healthier you, emotionally, physically, and mentally.

1. Enjoy Your Weight Loss Journey

Do not rush sightlessly to reach the finish line that leads you to your ideal weight. Use this time as an opportunity to make discoveries about yourself. You may start to like new foods and try out new exercises or activities that will make your body and your mind feel great. Enjoy the new habits you form that will add interest and joy to your everyday life. 

2. Keep It Super Simple

It can feel overwhelming to make new changes to your lifestyle. Begin slowly and gradually, and then keep it simple. For instance, you could begin by adding one new healthy food to each meal and take a ten-minute walk every other day. Start small, because small things often end up making a huge difference and pave the way for more changes and adjustments to come. 

3. Shower Yourself with Care and Love Everyday

Loving yourself is what will empower you to start embracing life, ditch the negative habits, and make positive changes that will benefit you and your environment. If you don’t feel confident that you deserve the body and the life you want, you will not be able to achieve either one. Appreciation and self-love are critical first steps in losing weight and staying healthy. Love and respect yourself first; the rest will come!