Grab your FREE guide to detoxing your hormones and ditch the nasty symptoms that you're tired of living with! This guide will outline 5 simple diet and lifestyle tips that you can start TODAY to start experiencing relief from your period problems!

If you've been experiencing a lot of breakouts, anxiety, brain fog, bloating, fatigue, PMS, or weight issues lately, chances are you're dealing with a hormonal imbalance.  And since over 80% of our hormones are manufactured or metabolized in our digestive system, we need to ensure that it is working at optimal performance.

Getting on track to feeling better is all about helping our bodies eliminate the waste and toxins that are built up in our system over time.  Whenever we think of this process, we automatically think of a detox and assume (due to commercialized weight loss programs) that it means we have to juice fresh food and eat nothing but soup for several days. 

This is not a fun way to live, it's expensive, and you're likely to go through a LOT of detox symptoms because you're simply not supporting your body with all of its nutritional requirements.

So don't worry, it's not necessary to do anything extreme to help our bodies go through their natural ability to detox properly.  Instead, there are really only a few things we need to do, and one of those things is to increase the amount of hormone-healthy and gut-friendly foods that we're consuming while reducing/eliminating some of those inflammatory options that have us feeling so sluggish these days.

Smoothies are one of my favourite ways to do this - they're quick, easy, simple, delicious, and so versatile! Plus, I love that they contain the fiber that is removed during the juicing process.  Fiber is key to helping you feel full, satisfying cravings, stabilizing your energy, and grabbing toxins/hormones in our digestive system for removal!

Most of us are not new to smoothies, so I'm sure you have a list of your favourite smoothie recipes somewhere.  If not, grab my favourite recipe book of smoothies right here and then follow the tips below to make it, using some of these superfoods known to support both our hormones and our digestive system!

  1. If you have a high-speed blender, add all of the ingredients in the order they are listed (WITHOUT the ice). Blend until smooth. If you want your smoothie to be colder, add ice cubes, then blend.

  2. If you DO NOT have a high-speed blender, add the almond milk, banana, apples, and dates to the blender. Blend until smooth. Feel free to add a few more tablespoons of almond milk to get the mixture going, if needed. Then add pumpkin seeds, hemp protein, and spices to the mixture and blend well. If you would like your smoothie to be colder, add ice cubes and blend well.

  3. For each smoothie, simply blend all of the ingredients in a high-speed blender or normal stand-up blender. Feel free to add water to reach your desired thickness. Use organic produce whenever possible. Each smoothie recipe serves two people or may be used as a substitute for one large meal.

  4. Protein is important in the morning. You can add extra protein to any smoothie by including a scoop of your favorite protein powder. Try hemp protein, pea protein, or my favourite anti-inflammatory Complete protein powder. You can also use 3 tablespoons of hemp seeds. Make your smoothie colder by adding 3 to 5 ice cubes.

Super Foods for a Happy Hormone Smoothie! Add in a teaspoon of any one of the following:

  • hemp seeds

  • flax seeds

  • chia seeds

  • spirulina

  • bee pollen

  • unsweetened shredded coconut

  • raw cacao powder

  • raw honey

  • stevia

  • superfoods (maca, lucuma, wheatgrass powder)

  • matcha powder

  • detox greens: dandelion, parsley, cilantro, radish

  • sprouts of any kind

  • camu camu for vitamin C 

  • protein powder

  • goji berries, currants, dates  (limit if weight loss is desired)


Feel free to add fruit to any vegetable smoothie to add sweetness. Try 1/2 cup berries, 1/2 apple, or 1/2 banana.