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Did you know ....20-25% of women worldwide have an iron deficiency?

Did you also know ...The average woman loses 10-25% of her iron stores during her period, and if your iron stores are low to begin with, or you have a very heavy flow, it can cause some problems.

Studies have shown that women whose menstrual cycles are moderate-heavy can actually deplete their iron stores just in one cycle!!

Symptoms of iron-deficiency generally include:
1) feeling tired, sluggish, and low energy
2) muscle weakness
3) pale skin
4) nausea during your menstrual cycle
5) shortness of breath
6) 'whooshing' sound in your ears

There are foods you can eat to maintain your iron levels on a monthly basis, though raising your levels and stores through food can take several months of intention.

Your doctor would be the best one to talk to about supplementing iron, as there are some side effects to be considered, but in terms of foods, here are some options for you!

But, here are some tips to improve iron absorption:
1) Increase absorption of food-sourced iron by pairing these foods with other foods high in vitamin C at the same time
2) avoid eating/drinking foods high in calcium within 3 hours of foods high in iron
3) Eat plenty of protein-rich foods every day to ensure adequate iron intake