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Welcome to my website! I am a plant-based women's hormone health and family nutritionist with a drive to help women better understand their bodies, fight pesky PMS symptoms and end dinner-table battles with the kids!

Healthy Living With Jenn J was born out of my desire to educate and inspire others on the simplicity of healthy living and the healing powers of plant-based foods! But you don't have to be following a vegan diet to benefit from the wealth of information about healthy living, symptomatic relief, the nutritional services I offer, answers to frequently asked questions, and even some resources to help you add healthier food to your day!


Have a look around and reach out to me when you're done!


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Unboxing My New Cookbook for the First Time!

Wow, after months of eating, sleeping, breathing, and living immersed in writing this cookbook, it is with pure joy and excitement that I get to physically hold a printed copy of my cookbook for the very first time!  So Amazing! Watch here as I open the box and tell you more about what the book is about and why YOU need it in your life!


You can grab your advance pre-order copy RIGHT HERE: https://amzn.to/3z3nkCD